CNDA's Java applet tools are being phased out. Chrome ( and Firefox ( have already dropped applet support.

The applet tools can still be reached by accessing CNDA through Internet Explorer (Windows) or Safari (MacOS).

CNDA Java Applet Replacement Plans

1. Uploader Applet: Replacement tool: XNAT Upload Assistant which can be downloaded from
2. Download Files (dir): Replacement tool included in next CNDA software update.
3. ImageJ Viewer: "Image Viewer" HTML5 tool already available (no mark-up or measuring available in this tool)

Bulk Downloading Script Options

If you need to do bulk downloading, you may want to try using a script:

Linux/MacOS sample bash download script:

# expects 2 params
# CNDA user id
# input file containing list of session ids, one per line
# example:  ./ userID ./myListOfSessions.txt
JSESSION=`curl -u ${USER} "${SITE}/data/JSESSION"`
#!! Update this with directory where sessions should be stored.
if [ ! -d ${SESSIONS_DIR} ]; then
   mkdir ${SESSIONS_DIR}
let i=0
while read line
    let i=$i+1
    echo Downloading ${i} ${line}
    # Option 1: Download all files in the session
    curl -b JSESSIONID=${JSESSION} "${SITE}/data/archive/experiments/${line}/scans/*/files?format=zip" > ${SESSIONS_DIR}/${line}.zip
    # Option 2: Download specific scans by name (be sure to encode spaces as %20)
    # curl -b JSESSIONID=${JSESSION} "${SITE}/data/archive/experiments/${line}/scans/MPRAGE%20GRAPPA2/files?format=zip" > ${SESSIONS_DIR}/${line}.zip
    # Option 3: Download specific scans by number (comma-separated for multiple scans)
    # curl -b JSESSIONID=${JSESSION} "${SITE}/data/archive/experiments/${line}/scans/2,3/files?format=zip" > ${SESSIONS_DIR}/${line}.zip
    #!! If you don't want script to unzip sessions and remove zip file for you, comment lines below
    cd ${SESSIONS_DIR}
    unzip ${line}.zip
    rm ${line}.zip
    cd ${CURR_DIR}
    #!! End commentable block
done < $INPUT_FILE

Windows XnatDataClient Download Script

Download this package of files and follow the README instructions to set up and perform a bulk download using XnatDataClient.